ImaginAIry NFTs

Advanced Image Generation Techniques

There are several advanced techniques that you can use to generate more complex or specific images:
  • Mixing Artist Styles: You can use the names of multiple artists in your prompt to generate an image that combines their styles. For example, you might prompt DALL-E with "a landscape in the style of Claude Monet and Salvador Dali" to get an image that combines Monet's impressionistic style with Dali's surrealism.
  • Img2Img: This is a technique where you start with an existing image and use a generative AI model to transform it into a new image. For example, you might start with an image of a day scene and use Img2Img to transform it into a night scene.
  • Inpainting: This technique can be used to fix a part of an image, by completely removing or changing the subject in an image, or just fixing a small detail. For example, you can remove an unwanted object from an image or change the color of a specific part of the image.